EEM supports sustainable businesses with advisory services and brokerage support for the voluntary carbon market, EU Emission Trading Scheme, UN compliance markets, renewable energy and biomass. Through our network of technical experts we provide footprinting services and deliver bespoke project development.

Possessing unrivalled experience in the field, the EEM team can help you navigate the complexity of environmental markets to find the optimal solution for your business. Our goal is to maximise the effectiveness and commercial viability of business action on climate and sustainability, through carbon management, climate finance and low-carbon energy procurement.

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Carbon Trade Exchange

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is the first global electronic exchange for the voluntary carbon market, operating successfully for almost ten years, over which more than 10 million verified tonnes of CO2 standards have been securely transacted by corporates, project developers, brokers and NGOs.

The key features for Carbon Trade Exchange are:

Immediate clearing and settlement of funds and credits.

Live market information helps users understand project characteristics and sales trends.

Full encryption and security checks for all members.


EEM provides support to companies looking to develop commercially relevant carbon management and corporate social responsibility programmes. We help you to identify your goals and the appropriate strategy for achieving them, sharing our deep expertise in carbon finance and environmental markets along the way.

We offer advisory as a complement to our brokerage and technology services, providing unbiased access to hundreds of climate and development projects worldwide and helping you to procure environmental commodities in simplest, safest and most cost-effective manner.


Businesses across Europe are now utilising our expertise to help them make a difference in some of the poorest communities on the planet. We provide access to hundreds of pioneering climate and development projects, guaranteeing alignment with your business and its CSR objectives – whether geographic in focus or with a particular set of goals, such as supporting energy access, improved health or access to education.

All of our projects are independently certified to internationally recognised standards and our accreditation partners – including the UN, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard – consistently lead the market for providing rigorous assurance and measurable impacts.

EEM will support you to identify the projects most relevant to your needs; guide you through your options; and provide the easiest, safest and most effective way to fulfil your CSR goals and demonstrate climate leadership.


B-Neutral is a complete carbon calculator and offsetting tool for businesses and individuals to achieve carbon neutral events, travel and more. You can visit the b-neutral website to learn more about the climate development projects supported by b-neutral and to start offsetting today.

The key features for B-Neutral are:

Supported by official emissions inventory.

Supports payments through paypal, with automated issuance of certificates confirming the provenance and retirement of your offsets.

Fully customisable for offset partners and affiliates.